Tanja Rüegg

Project management

Customer service


About me

Hi, I'm Tanja Rüegg. I work as a project manager at a data science startup, where I'm currently the project lead for six international client projects while overseeing both the marketing and the customer service department. Previously, I successfully coordinated an initiative for an impactful law change affecting 400,000 people.


In my spare time, I support the research team Modeling Cooperation which investigates the dynamics of technological races toward transformative AI using game theory and computational modeling.

Additionally, I love to enhance my productivity and to help sentient beings — using an evidence-based approach. Combining these two interests, I created a productivity guide for people who want to do the most good with the limited resources we have.

Work experience

Project manager

BEN Energy: Currently, I work as a project manager at a small spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology which uses artificial intelligence to analyze and predict utility customer behaviour. I lead six international client projects and oversee the marketing as well as the customer service department.

Content manager

BEN Energy: My areas of responsibility as a content manager included authoring articles for high-circulation trade magazines and communicating technically complex topics in an appropriate manner to the target audience. I also refined existing and designed new products and was responsible for the web content.

Project manager and editor

ETH Alumni Association: In my position as a project manager and editor, I was responsible for two issues of a journal with 25,000 copies in circulation. Since the projects were self-financed, I planned and executed the creation of content and the selling of advertisements. Additionally, I maintained a job platform and mentored new employees.

Sales manager, Scrum Master, and QA engineer

ESGroup: While working as a sales manager, I created and implemented the marketing concept. In my role as a Scrum Master I managed an internationally distributed five-person team and the successful launch of a new online shop. My responsibilities included planning sprints and managing releases as well as doing the software's quality assurance.

Project leader Sentience Politics Zurich

GBS Switzerland: As a project leader I built up and managed a 20-person team with which I filed a popular initiative about sustainable nutrition. It resulted in an impactful law being added to the highest constitutional level of the municipality of Zurich with a population of 400,000.

Nonprofit governance

Board member and impact evaluator

Together with my colleagues I define the strategy and oversee the activities of Sentience Politics. The non-profit organization aims at helping sentient beings through politics while always making sure to follow an evidence-based approach. Currently, the focus lies on a national popular initiative which we launched in June 2018.

Project leader and websites coordinator

I'm responsible for the project strategy, the optimization of our landing pages and the creation of new marketing material. During this time I organized a successful relaunch including the recreation of the content and the execution of a fundraiser.


I'm enthusiastic about strength training because it's an ideal way to compensate for an office job. I like reading books about productivity as well as philosophy. Furthermore, I'm interested in rational & critical thinking, nutritional science, and medicine.